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Kenyan Man Breaks Taboo, Builds Pit Latrines for Villagers

From childhood until a few years ago, John Yegon believe that digging a hole in the ground, be it for a latrine or a grave, was taboo. Last year, Yegon learned from a public health officer that most diseases are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation practices and mainly by open defecation. He then embarked on a mission to construct pit latrines from metal sheets and wood for his neighbors at no cost.


Transcending Boundaries to Protect Central America’s Largest Reseerve

Indigenous communities, local non-profit groups and park rangers on both sides of the Panama-Costa Rica border are collaborating to protect Parque Internacional La Amistad, the largest nature reserve in Central America, from environmental threats. But their effors are challenged by hydroelectric power plants, overuse of agrochemicals, hunting, deforestation, poor wast management and forest fires.